Laser Calculators and References

Welcome to our page dedicated to lasers and optics calculators and reference material! Here, you will find a variety of useful pages and tools that can help you quickly check different parameters related to lasers and optics. These simple and easy-to-use laser calculators can help you check values for divergence, brightness, color, and wavelength, among other things.

Wavelength to Color Spectrum

Wavelength to Color Converter with RGB Values

Wavelength to Color Converter Enter a wavelength between 380nm and 808nm to convert to color Wavelength Color RGB Value Use this wavelength to color conversion tool to quickly and easily…
Wavelength RGB Color Diagram

RGB And Hex Color To Wavelength Calculator

RGB and Hex Color to Wavelength Calculator Enter a color in RGB or Hexadecimal format and get the nearest wavelength.Not all colors can be reproduced with a single wavelength, this…
In April 2015 the HARPS laser frequency comb was installed on the HARPS planet-finding instrument on the ESO 3.6-metre telescope at the La Silla Observatory in Chile after completion of an intense first commissioning phase. The increase in accuracy made possible by this new installation should in future allow HARPS to be able to detect Earth-mass planets in Earth-like orbits around other stars for the first time. This picture shows a HARPS spectrum of the light wavelengths from the two laser frequency combs that that were tested.

Wavelength to Frequency Calculator

Wavelength to Frequency Calculator This calculator allows you to quickly calculate light’s frequency and wavelength, represented as either Hertz (Hz), Terahertz (Thz), or Nanometers (nm). Enter a value into any…
Wave with the following magnitudes: wavelength = 0.5 m = 50 cm wavenumber = 2 m-1 = 0.02 cm-1

Wavenumber to Wavelength Converter

Wavenumber to Wavelength Converter This calculator allows you to quickly convert from wavenumber to wavelength and back. Enter a wavelength in nanometers to calculate the reciprocal in cm-1 or enter…
This pair of prisms is used to expand the laser beam across a diffraction grating, which is used as the end mirror in a dye laser. By expanding the beam, it's divergence is reduced.

Laser Divergence Calculator

Laser Divergence Calculator This laser divergence calculator can quickly tell you how large a laser’s dot will become for a given distance and divergence. Enter the specifications of your laser…
A supercontinuum generated by focusing energy from an 800 nm femtosecond laser pulse into a yttrium aluminium garnet crystal. Broad spectrum photons are emitted within the crystal.

Photons Per Laser Pulse Calculator

Photons Per Pulse Calculator Calculate how many photons are produced per pulse of a laser, given the laser’s frequency and the pulse energy in Joules. Enter the laser’s wavelength and…