ROHM RLD63PZCA Datasheet

RLD63PZCA00A : Laserdiode
image/svg+xml1/8635nm Red Single Mode Laser Diode RLD63PZCADatasheet© 2020 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. 2020.10Rev.001ApplicationSensor Bar-code scanner Leveling Ranging Etc. MeritSingle mode Φ5.6 metal stemAbsolute Maximum Ratings (Tc=25°C)Parameter Symbol Ratings Unit Optical output Po 7 mW Reverse voltage LD Vr 2 V PIN PD Vr(PD) 20 V Operating temp. Top -40 to 50 °C Storage temp. Tstg -40 to 85 °C Characteristics (Tc=25°C)Parameter Symbol Conditions MIN. TYP. MAX. Unit Threshold current Ith 28 35 mA Operating current Iop Po=5mW 33 45 mA Operating voltage Vop Po=5mW 2.2 2.6 V Output efficiency η2mW/(I(5mW)-I(3mW)) 0.4 0.8 1.1 W/A Monitor current Im Po=5mW, Vr(PD)=15V 0.03 0.08 0.15 mA Beam divergence θ// Po=5mW 6 8 10 deg. θ283236deg. Beam tolerance θ// Po=5mW -3 0 +3 deg. θ-40+4deg. Emission point accuracy XYZ -100 0 +100 µm Lasing wavelength λPo=5mW 630 638 645 nm Caution: θand θ// are defined as full width at half maximum. Operation temperature is regulated by case temperature; TcOutline view
image/svg+xmlRLD63PZCA2/8Datasheet© 2020 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. 2020.10Rev.001Electrical Characteristics Optical CharacteristicsOptical CharacteristicsOptical CharacteristicsOptical Characteristics * This data is made from the result of having measured the sample extracted at random. Therefore, it is not what showed the ability of the whole product. 0123450123456701020304050607080Vf [V]Po [mW]If [mA]254050I-VIL0123456700. [mW]Im [mA]