Osram SPL PL90 Datasheet

image/svg+xmlSPL PL90 1Version 1.5 | 2018-07-11Produktdatenblatt | Version 1.1www.osram-os.comSPL PL90Radial T1 3/4 Pulsed Laser Diode in Plastic Package 25 W Peak PowerApplicationsElectronic Equipment Equipment Illumination (e.g. Curing, Endoscope) Highbay Industrial Industrial Automation (Machine Controls, Light Barriers, Vision Controls) Safety and Security, CCTVFeatures: Laser wavelength 905 nm Suited for short laser pulses from 1 to 100 ns Laser aperture 200 µm x 2 µm Cost efective plastic package for high volume applicationsOrdering InformationTypePeak output power Ordering Codetyp.IF= 30 A; tp= 100 ns; f = 1 kHz; TA= 25 °CPoptSPL PL9025 WQ62702P1760
image/svg+xmlSPL PL90 2Version 1.5 | 2018-07-11Maximum RatingsTA= 25 °CParameterSymbolValuesOperating TemperatureTopmin. max.-40 °C 85 °CStorage TemperatureTstgmin. max.-40 °C 100 °CPeak output powerPoptmax.30 WForward currentIFmax.40 APulse width (FWHM)tPmax.100 nsDuty cycledcmax.0.1 %Reverse voltageVRmax.3 VSoldering temperature (2 mm from bottom edge of case) TSmax.260 °C
image/svg+xmlSPL PL90 3Version 1.5 | 2018-07-11CharacteristicsIF= 30 A; tp= 100 ns; f = 1 kHz; TA= 25 °CParameterSymbol ValuesOperating voltageVopmin. typ. max.3.3 V 4.3 V 5.3 VPeak Wavelengthλpeakmin. typ. max.895 nm 905 nm 915 nmSpectral bandwidth at 50% Irel,max∆λtyp.7 nmPeak output powerPoptmin. typ. max.20 W 25 W 30 WBeam divergence (FWHM) parallel to pn-junctionΘtyp.9 °Beam divergence (FWHM) perpendicular to pn-junctionΘtyp.25 °Threshold currentIthmin. typ. max.0.5 A 0.75 A 1 ARise timetrtyp.1 nsFall timetftyp.1 nsAperture sizew x htyp.200 X 2 µm²Temperature coefcient of wavelengthTCλtyp.0.28 nm / KTemperature coefcient of optical powerTCPtyp.-0.4 % / KThermal resistance junction ambient realRthJAtyp.160 K / W
image/svg+xmlSPL PL90 4Version 1.5 | 2018-07-11OHW009130880λΙrel%nm0.250.500.751.00890900910930Relative Spectral Emission 1), 2)Irel= f (λ); IF= 30 A; Popt= 25 W; tp= 100 nsOHL007530-400.250.500.751.00DegIrelθ-30-20-100102040Far-Field Distribution Perpendicular to pn-Junction 1), 2)Irel= f (Θ); Popt= 25 W
image/svg+xmlSPL PL90 5Version 1.5 | 2018-07-11Deg-30θ0.2500.500.75Irel1.00OHF03755-20-1001030Far-Field Distribution Parallel to pn-Junction 1), 2)Irel= f (ΘII); Popt= 25 W00VFIFOHL007510PoptWA110220330440550V10203040Opt. Power / Forward Voltage 1), 2)Popt, VF= f (IF)
image/svg+xmlSPL PL90 6Version 1.5 | 2018-07-11Dimensional Drawing 3)Approximate Weight:241.0 mgPackage marking:Anode
image/svg+xmlSPL PL90 7Version 1.5 | 2018-07-11NotesDepending on the mode of operation, these devices emit highly concentrated visible and non visible light light which can be hazardous to the human eye. Products which incorporate these devices have to follow the safety precautions given in IEC 60825-1.For further application related informations please visit www.osram-os.com/appnotes
image/svg+xmlSPL PL90 8Version 1.5 | 2018-07-11DisclaimerDisclaimerLanguage english will prevail in case of any discrepancies or deviations between the two language word-ings.Attention please!The information describes the type of component and shall not be considered as assured characteristics. Terms of delivery and rights to change design reserved. Due to technical requirements components may contain dangerous substances.For information on the types in question please contact our Sales Organization.If printed or downloaded, please fnd the latest version in the OSRAM OS Webside.PackingPlease use the recycling operators known to you. We can also help you – get in touch with your nearest sales ofce.By agreement we will take packing material back, if it is sorted. You must bear the costs of transport. For packing material that is returned to us unsorted or which we are not obliged to accept, we shall have to invoice you for any costs incurred.Product safety devices/applications or medical devices/applicationsOSRAM OS components are not developed, constructed or tested for the application as safety relevant component or for the application in medical devices.In case Buyer – or Customer supplied by Buyer– considers using OSRAM OS components in product safety devices/applications or medical devices/applications, Buyer and/or Customer has to inform the local sales partner of OSRAM OS immediately and OSRAM OS and Buyer and /or Customer will analyze and coordi-nate the customer-specifc request between OSRAM OS and Buyer and/or Customer.
image/svg+xmlSPL PL90 9Version 1.5 | 2018-07-11Glossary1)Typical Values: Due to the special conditions of the manufacturing processes of LED, the typical data or calculated correlations of technical parameters can only refect statistical fgures. These do not necessarily correspond to the actual parameters of each single product, which could difer from the typical data and calculated correlations or the typical characteristic line. If requested, e.g. because of technical improvements, these typ. data will be changed without any further notice.2)Testing temperature: TA= 25°C3)Tolerance of Measure: Unless otherwise noted in drawing, tolerances are specifed with ±0.1 and dimensions are specifed in mm.
image/svg+xmlSPL PL90 10Version 1.5 | 2018-07-11Published by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH Leibnizstraße 4, D-93055 Regensburg