Osram PLT5 510 Datasheet

image/svg+xmlPLT5 5101Version 1.7 | 2021-06-23Produktdatenblatt | Version 1.1www.osram-os.comApplicationsPLT5 510Metal Can®TO56 Green Laser Diode in TO56 PackageHealth Monitoring (Heart Rate Monitoring, Pulse Oximetry)Measurement LevellingProjection Home LED & LaserProjection Professional LED & LaserStage Lighting (LED & Laser)Features: Optical output power (continuous wave): 10 mW (TC = 25°C)Typical emission wavelength: 515 nmEfcient radiation source for cw and pulsed operationSingle mode semiconductor laserHigh modulation bandwidthTO56 package with photo diodeOrdering InformationTypePeak output power Ordering Codetyp.PoptPLT5 51010 mWQ65111A6310
image/svg+xmlPLT5 5102Version 1.7 | 2021-06-23Maximum RatingsTcase= 25 °CParameterSymbolValuesOperating temperatureTopmin. max.-20 °C 60 °CStorage temperatureTstgmin. max.-40 °C 85 °CJunction temperatureTjmax.120 °CForward current 1)IFmax.120 mAReverse voltage 2)VRmax.2 VSoldering temperature tmax= 10 sTSmax.260 °COperation outside these conditions may damage the device. Operation at the maximum ratings infuences lifetime.
image/svg+xmlPLT5 5103Version 1.7 | 2021-06-23CharacteristicsPopt= 10 mW; Tcase= 25 °C ParameterSymbol ValuesOperating current 1)Ioptyp. max.45 mA 75 mAOperating voltage 3)Voptyp. max.5.0 V 6.6 VPeak wavelength 4)λpeakmin. typ. max.510 nm 515 nm 530 nmSpectral bandwidth (FWHM)∆λtyp.2 nmBeam divergence (FWHM) parallel to pn-junctionΘmin. typ. max.6 ° 8 ° 10 °Beam divergence (FWHM) perpendicular to pn-junctionΘmin. typ. max.19 ° 22 ° 25 °Beam pointing accuracy 5)∆θ, ∆θmin. max.-3 ° 3 °Threshold currentIthtyp. max.25 mA 50 mATE polarizationPTEtyp.100:1Modulation frequencyfmin.100 MHzMonitor current 6)7)VR= 5 VImmin. max.50 µA 350 µAThermal resistance junction case realRthJCtyp.34 K / WInfo: according to OS-PCN-2021-007-A
image/svg+xmlPLT5 5104Version 1.7 | 2021-06-23Wavelength GroupsPopt= 10 mW; Tcase= 25°C Group Peak wavelength 8)Peak wavelength 8)min.max.λpeakλpeakB1510 nm515 nmB2515 nm520 nmB3520 nm530 nm
image/svg+xmlPLT5 5105Version 1.7 | 2021-06-23Relative Spectral Emission9),10)Popt= f (λ)
image/svg+xmlPLT5 5106Version 1.7 | 2021-06-23Beam Divergence9),10)Popt= f (Θ)Optical Output Power9),10)Popt= f (IF)Opt. Power / Forward Voltage9),10)VF= f (IF)
image/svg+xmlPLT5 5107Version 1.7 | 2021-06-23Threshold CurrentIth= f(TC)
image/svg+xmlPLT5 5108Version 1.7 | 2021-06-23Dimensional Drawing11)Further Information: Approximate Weight:313.0 mg
image/svg+xmlPLT5 5109Version 1.7 | 2021-06-23Electrical Internal CircuitPinDescriptionPIN 1LD CathodePIN 2LD Anode, PD Cathode (case)PIN 3PD Anode
image/svg+xmlPLT5 51010Version 1.7 | 2021-06-23TTrraayy11)200 pieces per Tray TTrraayy11)100 pieces per Tray