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image/svg+xml2009-09-241 绿光倍频半导体激光器GreenfrequencydoubledsemiconductorlaserPL530特点连续波(CW) 和脉冲运行的高效辐射源倍频半导体激光器高调制带宽集成有加热装置,用于调整倍频参数封装非常紧凑印刷电路板连接器• ESD 耐压:可达2 kV(符合JESD22-A114-D 标准)应用激光投影安全建议根据工作模式不同,这些装置会发射出高度集中的可见光,对人眼造成伤害。包含此类装置的产品必须采取IEC 60825-1“激光产品的安全”中规定的安全保障措施。Features• Efficient radiation source for cw and pulsed operation • Frequency doubled semiconductor laser • High modulation bandwidth • Integrated heating device to adjust frequency doubling parameters • Very compact package • PCB connector • ESD-withstand voltage: Up to 2kV acc. to JESD22-A114-D Applications• Laser projection Safety AdviceDepending on the mode of operation, these devices emit highly concentrated visible light which can be hazardous to the human eye. Products which incorporate these devices have to follow the safety precautions found in IEC 60825-1 “Safety of laser products”.
image/svg+xmlPL5302009-09-242 类型Type波长Wavelength订购代码Ordering CodePL 530530 nmN/A最大额定值(短时工作)Maximum Ratings (short time operation)Values参数Parameter符号Symbol最小值 / min.最大值 / max.单位Unit工作温度1) Operating temperature1)Top+10+60C储存温度1) Storage temperature1)Tstg-40+85C工作电流(泵浦激光器)Operating current pump laserI–0.48 A加热器电阻2)3) Heater Resistance2)3)RheatRheat25 x 1.27Ohm1)底板温度Baseplate temperature 2) 在超过额定值的情况下运行会立即损毁装置!Operation above maximum rating immediately destroys the device! 3) 关于加热器电阻的详细信息,请参见应用注释“加热器控制和驱动”For further details on the heater resistance settings please refer to the application note „Heater Control & Driving
image/svg+xmlPL5302009-09-243 激光特性(TA = 40 C) Laser CharacteristicsValues参数Parameter符号Symbol最小值 / min.典型值/ typ.最大值 / max.单位Unit发射波长1) Emission wavelength1)peak528530535nm谱宽 (FWHM) Spectral width (FWHM) Δ– 0.2 0.3 nm输出功率(连续波(CW) 运行)1)2) Output power (CW operation)1)2)Pop46mW阈值电流Threshold currentIth– 0.18 0.25 A工作电流Operating currentIop– 0.45 0.48 A工作电压1) Operating voltage1)Vop– 1.8 2.2 V残余红外激光输出Residual IR laser outputPres–– 2 mW输出窗口的光束直径Beam diameter at output windowd– 0.1 mm光束发散度(1/e2时的一半宽度)Beam divergence (half-width at 1/e2)θxθ4×4– 8×8 mrad光束质量Beam QualityM2–– 1.3 偏振PolarizationPgr– 100:1 升降时间(10%…90%)3) Raise and fall time (10%…90%)3)trtf10 15nsec nsec25C 时的加热器电阻Heater Resistance at 25CRheat25273237Ohm1) 标准工作条件指二极管电流Iop = 0.48AStandard operating conditions refer to diode current Iop = 0,48A. 2) 光功率测量涉及积分球。Optical power measurements refer to an integrating sphere. 3) 为了获取最快速的转换性能,需要在阈值电平时启动激光器。For fastest switching performance the laser needs to be started from threshold level.
image/svg+xmlPL5302009-09-244 光输出功率Optical Output PowerPopt= f (IF) 工作电压Operating Voltage VF= f (IF)
image/svg+xmlPL5302009-09-245 光输出功率Optical Output PowerPop= f (RHeater)
image/svg+xmlPL5302009-09-246 激光装置运行的重要注意事项:a) 激光产品的安全:根据IEC 60825-1 标准,激光装置属于3B 品。激光装置实际发射的激光量很大程度上取决于工作模式。b) 电气操作:欧司朗的激光装置设计为最高性能和可靠性。如果在超过最大额定值的情况下工作,即使时间很短,也会对激光装置造成损坏或缩短其使用寿命。必须使用电噪声降至最低的合适电源为激光装置供电。c) 安装说明:为延长激光装置的使用寿命,有必要进行适当的热管理。根据该激光装置的设计,只能从装置的底板散热。因此,装置底板与热沉之间必须保持适当的导热互连。Important notes of operation for laser device:a) Safety of laser product:The laser devices classified in class 3B acc. IEC60825-1. The actual laser light emitted by the laser device strongly depends on the mode of operation. b) Electrical operation:OSRAM’s laser devices are designed for maximum performance and reliability. Operating the laser device above the maximum rating even for very short periods of time can damage the laser diode or reduce its lifetime. The laser device must be operated with a suitable power supply with minimized electrical noise. c) Mounting instructions:In order to maintain the lifetime of the laser device proper heat management is essential. Due to the design of the laser device heat is dissipated only through the base plate of the device. A proper heat conducting interconnection between the devices base plate and the heat sink must be maintained.
image/svg+xmlPL5302009-09-247 初步封装略图Preliminary Package Outlines尺寸(单位:mm/ Dimensionsinmm 初步引脚连接Preliminary Pin Connection引脚4 加热器/ Pin 4 Heater 引脚3 加热器/ Pin 3 Heater 引脚2 激光二极管阳极/ Pin 2 Laser Diode Anode 引脚1 激光二极管阳极/ Pin 1 Laser Diode Anode
image/svg+xmlPL5302009-09-248 欧司朗光电半导体有限公司出版德国雷根斯堡莱布尼茨大街4 D-93055 www.osram-os.comPublished byOSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH Leibnizstrasse 4, D-93055 Regensburg www.osram-os.com© 保留所有权利元件类型的描述性信息不应被视作对特性的保证。欧司朗保留交货条件和变更设计的权力。因技术需要,元件可能包含危险物质。如果对相关信息有疑问,请联系我们的销售部门。封装请联系您所熟悉的物资回收公司。我们也可以帮助您联系最近的销售办事处。如果您已对包装材料进行分类,我们将根据协议进行回收,所产生的运输费用须由您承担。对于未经分类即退回本公司或我们没有责任接受的包装材料,我们将开具发票由您支付因此产生的一切费用。生命支持装置或系统所采用的元件必须获取用于该目的的明确授权!仅当获得欧司朗光电半导体的明确书面许可时方可将关键元件1用于生命支持装置或系统21 关键元件指用在生命支持装置或系统中、一旦发生故障即会引起装置或系统故障或影响其安全性或有效性的元件。2生命支持装置或系统拟用于(a) 植入人体或(b) 支持和/或维持人的生命。如果发生故障,即会威胁使用者的健康。© All Rights Reserved.The information describes the type of component and shall not be considered as assured characteristics. Terms of delivery and rights to change design reserved. Due to technical requirements components may contain dangerous substances. For information on the types in question please contact our Sales Organization. PackingPlease use the recycling operators known to you. We can also help you – get in touch with your nearest sales office. By agreement we will take packing material back, if it is sorted. You must bear the costs of transport. For packing material that is returned to us unsorted or which we are not obliged to accept, we shall have to invoice you for any costs incurred. Components used in life-support devices or systems must be expressly authorized for such purpose! Critical components 1 , may only be used in life-support devices or systems 2 with the express written approval of OSRAM OS. 1 A critical component is a component used in a life-support device or system whose failure can reasonably be expected to cause the failure of that life-support device or system, or to affect its safety or effectiveness of that device or system. 2 Life support devices or systems are intended (a) to be implanted in the human body, or (b) to support and/or maintain and sustain human life. If they fail, it is reasonable to assume that the health of the user may be endangered.
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