Osram PL520B Datasheet

image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET1| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01Discontinuedwww.osram-os.comPL 520BDatasheetDiscontinuedPublished by ams-OSRAM AGTobelbader Strasse 30, 8141 Premstaetten, AustriaPhone +43 3136 500-0ams-osram.com© All rights reserved
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET2| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedMetal Can®TO38 PL 520BGreen Laser Diode in TO38 ICut PackageApplications-Measurement Levelling -Projection Home LED & Laser -Projection Professional LED & Laser -Stage Lighting (LED & Laser)Features-Optical output power (continuous wave): 80 mW (TC = 25°C) -Typical emission wavelength: 520 nmEfcient radiation source for cw and pulsed operation-Single mode semiconductor laser -High modulation bandwidth -Miniaturized TO38 ICut package -Laser diode isolated against package
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET3| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedOrdering InformationTypePeak output power Ordering Codetyp.PoptPL520B80 mWQ65111A7290
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET4| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedMaximum Ratings1)ParameterSymbolValuesOperating temperatureTopmin. max.-20 °C 60 °CStorage temperatureTstgmin. max.-40 °C 85 °CJunction temperatureTjmax.120 °CPeak output power 2)Poptmax.100 mWForward current 3)IFmax.300 mAReverse voltage 4)VRmax.2 VSoldering temperature tmax= 10 secTSmax.260 °COperation outside these conditions may damage the device. Operation at maximum ratings may infuence lifetime.
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET5| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedCharacteristicsPopt= 80 mW; Tcase= 25 °CParameterSymbol ValuesOperating current 3)Ioptyp. max.200 mA 240 mAPeak wavelength 5)λpeakmin. typ. max.515 nm 520 nm 530 nmSpectral bandwidth (FWHM)∆λtyp.1 nmBeam divergence (FWHM) parallel to pn-junctionΘmin. typ. max.5 ° 6.3 ° 7.5 °Beam divergence (FWHM) perpendicular to pn-junctionΘmin. typ. max.18 ° 22.5 ° 25 °Threshold currentIthtyp. max.40 mA 70 mAForward voltage 6)7)VFtyp. max.6 V 8 VTE polarizationPTEtyp.100:1Modulation frequencyfmin.100 MHzThermal resistance junction case realRthJCtyp.38 K / W
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET6| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedRelative Spectral Emission8)Popt= f (λ)Beam Divergence8)Popt= f(Θ); Tcase= 25 °C
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET7| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedOptical Output Power8)Popt= f (IF)Opt. Power / Forward Voltage8)VF= f (IF)Threshold Current8)Ith= f(TC)
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET8| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedMax. Permissible Forward Current8)IF= f(Tcase)
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET9| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedDimensional Drawing9)Further Information: Approximate Weight:310.0 mgESD advice:ATTENTION – Observe Precautions For Handling – Electrostatic Sensitive Device
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET10| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedElectrical Internal CircuitPinDescriptionPIN 1LD AnodePIN 2CasePIN 3LD CathodeNotesDepending on the mode o