Osram PL520B Datasheet

image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET1| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01Discontinuedwww.osram-os.comPL 520BDatasheetDiscontinuedPublished by ams-OSRAM AGTobelbader Strasse 30, 8141 Premstaetten, AustriaPhone +43 3136 500-0ams-osram.com© All rights reserved
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET2| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedMetal Can®TO38 PL 520BGreen Laser Diode in TO38 ICut PackageApplications-Measurement Levelling -Projection Home LED & Laser -Projection Professional LED & Laser -Stage Lighting (LED & Laser)Features-Optical output power (continuous wave): 80 mW (TC = 25°C) -Typical emission wavelength: 520 nmEfcient radiation source for cw and pulsed operation-Single mode semiconductor laser -High modulation bandwidth -Miniaturized TO38 ICut package -Laser diode isolated against package
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET3| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedOrdering InformationTypePeak output power Ordering Codetyp.PoptPL520B80 mWQ65111A7290
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET4| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedMaximum Ratings1)ParameterSymbolValuesOperating temperatureTopmin. max.-20 °C 60 °CStorage temperatureTstgmin. max.-40 °C 85 °CJunction temperatureTjmax.120 °CPeak output power 2)Poptmax.100 mWForward current 3)IFmax.300 mAReverse voltage 4)VRmax.2 VSoldering temperature tmax= 10 secTSmax.260 °COperation outside these conditions may damage the device. Operation at maximum ratings may infuence lifetime.
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET5| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedCharacteristicsPopt= 80 mW; Tcase= 25 °CParameterSymbol ValuesOperating current 3)Ioptyp. max.200 mA 240 mAPeak wavelength 5)λpeakmin. typ. max.515 nm 520 nm 530 nmSpectral bandwidth (FWHM)∆λtyp.1 nmBeam divergence (FWHM) parallel to pn-junctionΘmin. typ. max.5 ° 6.3 ° 7.5 °Beam divergence (FWHM) perpendicular to pn-junctionΘmin. typ. max.18 ° 22.5 ° 25 °Threshold currentIthtyp. max.40 mA 70 mAForward voltage 6)7)VFtyp. max.6 V 8 VTE polarizationPTEtyp.100:1Modulation frequencyfmin.100 MHzThermal resistance junction case realRthJCtyp.38 K / W
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET6| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedRelative Spectral Emission8)Popt= f (λ)Beam Divergence8)Popt= f(Θ); Tcase= 25 °C
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET7| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedOptical Output Power8)Popt= f (IF)Opt. Power / Forward Voltage8)VF= f (IF)Threshold Current8)Ith= f(TC)
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET8| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedMax. Permissible Forward Current8)IF= f(Tcase)
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET9| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedDimensional Drawing9)Further Information: Approximate Weight:310.0 mgESD advice:ATTENTION – Observe Precautions For Handling – Electrostatic Sensitive Device
image/svg+xmlPL 520BDATASHEETDATASHEET10| Version 1.3 | 2022-04-01DiscontinuedElectrical Internal CircuitPinDescriptionPIN 1LD AnodePIN 2CasePIN 3LD CathodeNotesDepending on the mode of operation, these devices emit highly concentrated visible and non visible light which can be hazardous to the human eye. Products which incorporate these devices have to follow the safety precautions given in IEC 60825-1.Subcomponents of this device contain, in addition to other substances, metal flled materials including silver. Metal flled materials can be afected by environments that contain traces of aggressive substances. Therefore, we recommend that customers minimize device exposure to aggressive substances during storage, production, and use. Devices that showed visible discoloration when tested using the described tests above did show no performance deviations within failure limits during the stated test duration. Respective failure limits are described in the IEC60810.Important notes of operation for laser diodea) Electrical operationOSRAMs laser diodes are designed for maximum performance and reliability. Operating the laser diode above the maximum rating even for very short periods of time can damage the laser diode or reduce its