Osram PL520 Datasheet

image/svg+xmlPL 520 1Version 1.4 | 2021-04-29Produktdatenblatt | Version 1.1www.osram-os.comApplicationsPL 520Metal Can®TO38 Green Laser Diode in TO38 ICut PackageHealth Monitoring (Heart Rate Monitoring, Pulse Oximetry) Projection Home LED & Laser Projection Professional LED & LaserFeatures: Optical output power (continuous wave): 30 / 50 mW (TC = 25°C) Typical emission wavelength: 512 / 520 nm Efcient radiation source for cw and pulsed operationSingle mode semiconductor laser High modulation bandwidth Miniaturized TO38 ICut package Laser diode isolated against packageOrdering InformationTypePeak output power Ordering Codetyp.PoptPL 520_B150 mWQ65111A2445PL 520_B1_230 mWQ65111A3559
image/svg+xmlPL 520 2Version 1.4 | 2021-04-29Maximum RatingsTC= 25 °CParameterSymbolValuesOperating temperatureTopmin. max.-20 °C 60 °CStorage temperatureTstgmin. max.-40 °C 85 °CJunction temperatureTjmax.120 °CForward current 1)IFmax.200 mAReverse voltage 2)VRmax.2 VReverse voltage 2)VRmax.5 VSoldering temperatureTSmax.260 °COperation outside these conditions may damage the device. Operation at maximum ratings may infuence lifetime.
image/svg+xmlPL 520 3Version 1.4 | 2021-04-29CharacteristicsPopt= 30 mW (B2), Popt= 50 mW (B1); Tcase= 25 °C ParameterSymbol ValuesOperating current 1)B1 Ioptyp. max.115 mA 140 mAOperating current 1)B2 Ioptyp. max.95 mA 120 mAOperating voltage 3)B1 Voptyp. max.6.0 V 6.9 VPeak wavelength 4)λpeakmin. typ. max.510 nm 520 nm 530 nmSpectral bandwidth (FWHM)∆λtyp.2 nmBeam divergence (FWHM) parallel to pn-junctionΘmin. typ. max.6 ° 8 ° 10 °Beam divergence (FWHM) perpendicular to pn-junctionΘmin. typ. max.19 ° 22 ° 25 °Threshold current B1 Ithtyp. max.30 mA 65 mAThreshold current B2 Ithtyp. max.40 mA 65 mAForward voltage 3)5)B2 VFtyp. max.5.8 V 6.7 VReverse current 2)IRmax.10 µATE polarizationPTEtyp.100:1Modulation frequencyfmin.100Thermal resistance junction case realRthJCtyp.38 K / WInfo: according to OS-IN-2019-036
image/svg+xmlPL 520 4Version 1.4 | 2021-04-29Wavelength GroupsGroup Peak wavelength 6)Peak wavelength 6)min.max.λpeakλpeakB2510 nm530 nmB1515 nm530 nmRelative Spectral Emission7),8)B1: Popt= ƒ (λ); Tcase= 25°C
image/svg+xmlPL 520 5Version 1.4 | 2021-04-29Relative Spectral Emission7),8)B2: Popt= ƒ (λ); Tcase= 25°C Beam Divergence7),8)Popt= f (Θ); Tcase= 25°C
image/svg+xmlPL 520 6Version 1.4 | 2021-04-29Optical Output Power7),8)B1: Popt= ƒ (IF); Tcase= 25°C Optical Output Power7),8)B2: Popt= ƒ (IF);Tcase= 25°C Opt. Power / Forward Voltage7),8)B1: VF= ƒ (IF); Tcase= 25°C Opt. Power / Forward Voltage7),8)B2: VF= ƒ (IF); Tcase= 25°C
image/svg+xmlPL 520 7Version 1.4 | 2021-04-29