Nichia NDU4116 Datasheet

image/svg+xml-1- [ UTZSC0333_3]2013/10/16 Ultra Violet Laser DiodeNDU4116Features• Optical Output Power:CW 70mW (@Tc=25°°°°C)• Peak Wavelength: 370~380nm• Can Type: φ 5.6 Floating Mounted with Photo Diode and Zener DiodeAbsolute Maximum RatingsItem SymbolAbsolute Maximum RatingsUnitOptical Output Power (Tc=25°C)* Po 85mWAllowable Reverse Current Ir (LD)85 mA PD Reverse Voltage Vr (PD)5 V Storage Temperature Tstg -40 ~ 85 °C Operating Case Temperature Tc 10 ~ 40 °C Initial Electrical/Optical Characteristics(Tc=25°C)Item ConditionSymbolMinTyp.MaxUnitOptical Output Power* CW Po – – 70 mWPeak Wavelength Po=70mWλp 370– 380nm Threshold Current CW Ith 30 50 75 mAOperating Current Po=70mWIop 80 110140mASlope Efficiency CW η0.9 1.2 1.6 W/AOperating Voltage Po=70mWVop 4.6 5.4 6.0 V Parallel Po=70mWθ//6.0 9.0 11.0° Beam Divergence**PerpendicularPo=70mWθ⊥19.022.526.0° Parallel Po=70mW∆θ//-3.0– 3.0 ° Beam PointingAccuracy PerpendicularPo=70mW∆θ⊥ -3.0– 3.0 °Monitor Current*** Po=70mWIm0.050.2 2.0 mA* Refer graph of Optical Output Power vs. Case Temperature. ** Full angle at 50% from peak intensity *** Monitor Current is short time power reference purpose only. Not guaranteed for accuracy. All figures in this specification are measured by Nichia’s method and may contain measurement deviations.The above specifications are for reference purpose only and subjected to change without prior notice. NICHIA CORPORATION 491 Oka, Kaminaka-Cho, Anan-Shi, TOKUSHIMA 774-8601, JAPAN PHONE: +81-884-22-2311 FAX: +81-884-21-0148 CONTACTTOKYO SALES OFFICE13F Tamachi Center Building 34-7, Shiba 5-Chome, Minato-Ku, TOKYO 108-0014, JAPAN PHONE: +81-3-3456-3108 FAX: +81-3-5440-7330Outline DimensionUnit (mm)( ) are reference figuresPin ConnectionThis model has a Zener Diode built in as a protection circuit against static electricity.X+(0.4)(90°)0.4±0.1Φ 5.6+ 0 0.03123Y+Φ 2.0±0.2Φ 3.55±0.1Φ 0.43±0.081.2±0.10.25±0.03Glass Thickness6.5±1.0Φ 4.2±0.21.0±0.1Emitting PointZ+(1.3)Emitting PointReference Plane2.3±0.2(Φ 1.6)4Optical Output Power vs. Case Temperature01020304050607080901001101020304050Case Temperature [ººººC]Optical Output Power [mW]RatingAbsolute Maximum Rating
image/svg+xml-2- [ UTZSC0333_3]2013/10/16 Typical Characteristics0102030405060708090020406080100120Forward Current [mA]Optical Output Power [mW]Tc = 10ºCTc = 25ºCTc = 40ºC30354045505560657010203040Case Temperature [ººººC]Threshold Current [mA]01234567020406080100120Forward Current [mA]Forward Voltage [V]Tc = 10ºCTc = 25ºCTc = 40ºC37537637737837938038110203040Case Temperature [ººººC]Peak Wavelength [nm]