Mitsubishi ML501P73 Datasheet

image/svg+xml1<Laser Diodes for Display>ML501P73Lateralmulti-modeφ5.6mm capless PKGPublication Date : Jan. 14th, 2020DESCRIPTIONMitsubishi ML501P73 is a high-power, highly efficient semiconductor laser diode which provides emission wavelength of 638 nm and standard light output of 1.0W (pulse) and 0.5W (CW).This LD has broad-stripe structure which enables high output power.Note1: The maximum rating means the limitation over which the laser should not be operated even instant time. This does not mean the guarantee of its lifetime. As for the reliability, please refer to the reliability report issued by Quality Assurance Section, HF & Optical Semiconductor Division, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.ELECTRICAL/OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS(Tc=25°C)SymbolParameterTest conditionsMin.Typ.MaxUnitIthThreshold currentCW90170210mAIopOperating currentCW, Po=0.5W500650800mAVopOperating voltageCW, Po=0.5W1.92.22.6VηSlope efficiencyCW, Po=0.5W0.81.01.4mW/mAλpPeak wavelengthCW, Po=0.5W632638644nmθ//Beam divergence angle (parallel)CW, Po=0.5W17.515°θBeam divergence angle (perpendicular)CW, Po=0.5W253545°ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS(Note 1)SymbolParameterConditionsRatingsUnitPoLight output powerCW0.5WPulse Duty33%, frequency50Hz1.0WVRLReverse voltage-2VTcCase temperature--5 ~ +40°CTstgStorage temperature--40 ~ +100°CFEATURES• High Output Power: 1.0W(Pulse)0.5W (CW)• High Efficiency: 1.0mW/mA (typ.)• Visible Light: 638nm (typ.)φ5.6mm capless PKGAPPLICATION• Display system, Bio-medical
image/svg+xml<Laser Diodes for Display>Lateral multi-modeφ5.6mm cap less PKGML501P73Publication Date : Jan. 14th, 20202Typical Characteristics of ML501P73OUTLINE DRAWINGSML501P73ML501P73LD(2)(1)(3)CASEφ5.6mm CaplessDimensions in mm1.0±0.1φ5.6-0.0300.4±0.11.5±0.10.5(typical)Xφ2.0±0.3(P.C.D)3.8(typical)1.77(typical)2.3MAX1.2±0.16.5±1.00.4MAXφ1.2MAX3-φ0.45±0.10.4-0Y+0.1(2) (3) (1)Light Output Power vs. Current (Pulse) [mA]Light Output Power [W]Pulsef=50Hz,D=33%Tc=15 25 35 40Light Output Power vs. Current (CW)